Avenida Do Contorno, Funcionários Belo Horizonte CEP

Avenida Do Contorno, Funcionários is located in the city/district of Belo Horizonte, state of Minas Gerais. The format for Avenida Do Contorno, Funcionários, Belo Horizonte is as follows NNNNN-NNN where N stands for a single number and A stands for a single alphabet. This same format is used across Brazil for postal structuring and categorization. This consists of the following CEP: 30110-100 and 30110-110.

State: Minas Gerais
City/District: Belo Horizonte
Locality: Avenida Do Contorno, Funcionários


Following are some of the CEP covered under the area of Avenida Do Contorno, Funcionários. Also wherever possible we have provided nearby landmarks for each of these CEP so that these locations can be accurately be found.